23/24 Try Outs


Assisting each CITY athlete to reach their dreams

Understanding the Athlete



Each player has their own dreams of where they want to play in college. First, step is creating goals and a path to reach them. 

CITY coaches work closely with each athlete to start the process.


Build A Plan 



How do colleges recognise the athlete and their talent? What does the athlete need to do?

CITY works to give each family the guidance and support in their journey to make the athlete known to their schools of interest.


Videos & Social Media Branding


Recruiting videos and social media branding are essential for athlete's to be recognised by schools and college coaches. 

CITY has partnered with a media company to provide the needed materials to highlight the athlete. 


1:1 Consultation


Coach Mitch Kallick offers a high level advising service for those athletes who want more of a one on one situation in the process. 

Mitch will cater to each athlete and monitor throughout the club season for a more tailored, personalised experience.